Unlimited Wash

Imagine having your own car wash that you could visit any time you choose. That's what it's like when you join our Unlimited Monthly Wash Plan. Visit our car wash as often as you like (even every day) for one low monthly fee. Our Unlimited Monthly plan is the smart and convenient way to ensure that your car is always looking its best even during those messy winter months when snow, salt and ice make keeping cars clean a constant battle.

Click here to see complete rules and regulations of our Unlimited Monthly Wash Plan.

We offer exterior and interior/exterior plans check with our cashier for more options!

Basic Exterior: $19.95
Includes Exterior Wash & Hand Dry


Wash, Vac & Dust: $29.95
Includes Interior Vacuum, Front Rubber Mat Rinse & Dusting

A La Carte Items:
 - Teflon Sealant $3
 - Triple Clear Coat $3
 - Hot Carnauba Wax $5
 - Chassis Bath $3
 - Rust Inhibitor $3
 - Fragrance $2
- Vacuum $4
- Windows $4
- Dusting $4
- Trunk/3rd row Vacuum $2
- Wheel Brightener $3
- Tire Shine $4
 - Interior Cleaning (vacuum, windows, dusting) $8
 - Wheel Deal (wheel brightener and tire shine) $5
 - Simoniz It! (Wheel Brightener, Tire Shine and Hot Wax) $7
 - Winterize It! (Chassis Bath, Teflon Sealant, and Rust Inhibitor) $6
 - Mat Shampoo 2 for $6 or 4 for $10 

Aside from being a great money saver, our Unlimited Monthly Wash Plan also saves time, since you no longer have to open your wallet every time you visit to search for cash or a credit card. Our Unlimited Monthly Plan also makes it easier to manage your family budget, since you know exactly how much you'll be spending on car washing every month. Plus, you'll no longer have to worry about finding the best coupon deals on car washing, because you'll know that you're always saving money with our Unlimited Monthly Wash Plan.

Joining our Unlimited Monthly Wash Plan is easy, just visit Jerry Kuhn's Kwik Car Wash to complete the application. Your credit card will be automatically charged the same fee on your monthly anniversary date. Of course, you can drop out of the plan any time and your credit card will no longer be charged. Each monthly pass membership is good for only one vehicle. Click here to see complete rules and regulations of our Unlimited Monthly Wash Plan.